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Zoroastrian Test Questions without Answers:
Q1-God’s Name? A1-
Q2-Founding Prophet’s Name? A2-
Q3-Holiest City? A3-
Q4-Country of Origin? A4-
Q5-Why did most Zoroastrians Flee from Iran to India? A5-
Q6-Zoroastrian Bible’s Name? A6-
Q7-Avesta Verses’ Name? A7-
Q8-Good Son of Ahura Mazda & Leader of Angels? A8-
Q9-Evil Son of Ahura Mazda & Leader of Demons & Boss of Hell? A9-
Q10-Zoroastrian Motto? A10-
Q11-To Whom does Ahura Mazda (God) give Free Will? A11-Everyone:
Q12-Good Force’s Name? A12-
Q13-Dark Evil Force’s Name? A13-
Q14-Where do Human Corpses get taken? A14-
Q15-Where do Zoroastrians usually Worship? A15-
Q16-Why don’t Zoroastrians Cremate Human Corpses? A16-
Q17-Which Aspects of Judaism, Christianity, & Islam were probably Inspired by the earlier Beliefs of
Q18-What are the 6 Amesha Spentas or Virtuous Emanations of Ahura Mazda?