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You have been asked by your manager to document your experiences as an Agile project manager so these can be shared with others.Write a 5 page paper in which you:

  1. Explain how to handle the documentation needs using the Agile concepts.
  2. Determine the necessary success factors one would need to become an Agile leader in this project, which contains a complex scope and extended timeline.
  3. Recommend the approach to manage offshore resources in this project. Determine the associated challenges and mitigation strategies to ensure the success of the project.
  4. Suggest strategies on measuring the performance and quality of the products and services of this organization. Provide the approach to accelerate the delivery process.
  5. Use at least three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Evaluate the process of being an Agile project manager.


IT project







IT project


The selected project is about the challenges experienced by customers especially when

they decided to incorporating online booking or deliveries. The internet has been introduced to

simplify life and clients are lucky that they can book bus tickets or order items delivery through

various developed platforms. The contemporary world can barely remember how life was

without the internet and how the present life is. Most clients have indulged in online booking

because the services have been easily availed and have to use minimal struggles to ensure that

they have adequate experiences. The major requirement is an organization with a captivating

image thus drawing them to make the necessary bookings or purchases.

The major challenge faced is the increase in companies that have identified the internet as

a platform for conducting their businesses. Most of such organization are fabricating their

websites and lying about the provided services. The major result is that they will barely receive

the required services because they were misled. Companies do not take their time and plan how

they will sell their products in the internet services. It has become pretty challenging to find a

clientele population that has significant trust in internet services. They have been fabricated as

negative platform and it is slowly losing its prevalence.

The primary objective of companies should be seeking ultimate satisfaction of the clients.

However, the internet has become extremely popular until the firms have neglected their duties

which facilitate attraction of the clients. Another difficulty that has been highlighted is that

sometimes the websites have unnecessary information and regulations which discourage the

clients from proceeding and making their bookings. The primary aim of the project is ensuring


that solutions have been highlighted that would facilitate eradicating of the challenges to ensure

client satisfaction.

Goals and objectives

The first project goal and objective is analyzing the benefits of the concept to the client.

The discussion concept for the subject is how the internet has hindered the smooth running of

one’s life. Therefore, the first project objective is to comprehend the significance of the internet

and why people have developed an attachment to the ideology. Therefore, project should

highlight the significance and provide an explanation why the present challenges are an extreme

drawback on clients. The challenges have been summarized and an objective should be

developed analyzing what instigated the internet challenges and how the clients have submitted

their responses.

Another goal and objective is developing solutions to the highlighted challenges. The

project will simply analyze some of the best solutions that would invoke the necessary changes.

The solutions are meant to positively impact the audience and receive a positive response. The

objective is mandatory for the project because expounding on the challenges means that

solutions have to be discussed and highlight the possible way that the internet will be changed

and the organizations will use the websites for performance improvement. The solutions will be

a summary of the factors which will invoke a positive response from the population.

The last objective will be analyzing the implementation and some of the responses that

would be discerned from the consumers. The solutions will have an ultimate repercussion thus

the project aims to analyze both the positive and the negative aspects. For instance, the objective

seeks to comprehend why the clients embraced or rejected the solutions. Additionally, another


goal is to investigate whether the provided options offer a permanent or temporary solution. It

will reflect whether the project needs to prepare for the future.

Key customers and stakeholders

Key customer to for the project is an internet user. The project has been developed and is

aimed at any individual who has been accustomed to using the internet for their activities. For

instance, an internet user needs to use the internet for website connections. It means that the

organization is sold by how they have designed their website programs to ensure client

attraction. The project addressed the internet clients assimilated to making online bookings and

commodity purchases. Therefore, it provides the necessary challenges and solutions that the

intended audience can read and be informed to ensure their selection on whether to use internet

services for their booking activities.

Another shareholder benefitting from the project is the financial source. The project has a

financial support system that ensures that I have received the necessary materials required for the

project. They are entitled to the final compilation to analyze how the provided finances have

been used. The strategy is significant since it will ensure that future projects have been funded

because of an excellent financial structure disseminated by the current presentation. Therefore,

they should be given the project to ensure that they analyze whether an individual completed

their project during the allocated time.

Another significant person who will receive my project is the supervisor. He will receive

the project to analyze whether all of the mentioned factors have been addressed and the

necessary steps followed. I have to simplify my work to ensure that the supervisor has few

challenges during his inspection. For instance, I should bold each step that will help him


comprehend the different steps I followed during the project. The strategy is beneficial since it

would place me at a better place point wise.


Milestones indicate the periodic achievement presented in a project. Hitting a milestone

means that the individual has completed a specific task for the project and can move to the next

phase presented in their schedule. The first milestone for the project will be highlighting specific

time and dates where all the phases will be accomplished. It is considered a milestone because it

is an actual first step to be taken to develop a project foundation. It means that they have to

provide time limits and the necessary activities that would be incorporated on the specific dates.

Therefore, that milestone will help an individual stay in track during their project and avoid

lateness instances.

Another milestone is when the intended audience and the shareholders have approved and

provided the intended support. The individual should analyze and identify the stakeholders for

the project. They should be involved since they would help determine the direction which a

project will take. For instance, the stakeholders for the project might be finance providers and it

would be a milestone if they have approved the provided budget. It means they are in line with

the project and will provide the required support from when the project is started until when it

has been completed. Stakeholder support is a huge milestone since it depicts that the project is on

the required track and will be achieve the anticipated success.

Additionally, the third milestone which one will hit during the project is identifying all

the challenges that have been hindering their performance. It is pretty challenging to highlight

the problems thus will be a milestone since one will be prompted to develop the consequent

solutions to ensure that the project proceeds with the intended direction. Moving through one


phase to another is a milestone since an individual works through the hard and the simple tasks

while pushing towards the final compilation of data and its presentation to the stakeholders.


A high level timeline expounds on the estimated duration that certain tasks should be

accomplished. An individual should ensure that they have put in significant efforts to attain the

objectives at the estimated times using the available project resources.

Planning Duration Starting date Finishing date

Presentation of project

to the stakeholders

I day 27/11/2021 27/11/2021

Development of goals

and objectives

2 days 28/11/2021 29/11/2021

interviewing of the


participants for the


5 days 30/11/2021 4/11/2021

Background research

to identify challenges

and formulate the

required solutions

3 days 5/11/2021 8/11/2021

Identification of key

milestones achieved

in the project course

1 day 9/11/2021 9/11/2021

Project budget 2 days 10/11/2021 11/11/2021


estimation of the

required resources

Analysis of

techniques that would

be used to stay on


1 day 12/11/2021 12/11/2021

Cost estimation

The project’s overall cost is estimated at thirty dollars which should be enough to

purchase the required materials for the allocated duration. The cost has been estimated after

compiling requirements like questionnaires which would be used in the interviews with the

clients regarding their challenges. Printing and transportation is also part of the budget and the

remaining cash will be used for emergency. I plan to acquire the financial support through

presenting the proposal before the stake holders. If they approve the proposal, it means that they

will provide the estimates and I should ensure that my project requirements will fit within the

provided budget thus indicates a significance of background research before officially starting on

the project.

Risk and solution

The first risk that I am bound to experience is poor planning before starting the project. It

means that I went straight into the project before analyzing the questions and comprehending

what the project is all about. That is an unavoidable risk since I have trouble with poor planning

for any project or meeting. The best solution to that identified risk is ensuring that I have

developed a timetable that would schedule all of the activities to be done to ensure that project


completion. The timetable should be accompanied by the necessary time and dates to ensure that

nothing has been missed. The schedule development is beneficial since I will tick out each

written step as I move forward all the provided instructions. One thing which can impact an

excellent project is slagging and ignoring the time limits step. The last few steps I will be rushing

to beat the deadline thus present something incomplete and vague.

Another risk that would be caused by poor planning is low performance and results

outcome. Doing a rushed project because of improper planning will not provide the desired

results after it has been presented to the supervisor. I will receive negative reviews and

comments on the project thus will not have attained the anticipated results. Such a project cannot

be used or presented as a marketing proposal for the organization. Therefore, I should work on

my incompetency to ensure that I do not miss on significant opportunities because of lack of

enough preparation. Planning means I have enough resources and finances which would be

incorporated throughout the project period to avoid instances where they have depleted and the

project stops because of the very factors which should have been addressed at the beginning. I

should set my primary objectives which I should accomplish while on the project process.

Staying on track

Staying on track is an essential strategy especially when working on a project. The first

measure that I can incorporate when working on my program is by ensuring that I allocate the

estimated time required for completion. It means that all the assigned tasks should be done after

a month or a week’s time. Therefore, with that time allocation, I can comfortably create a

schedule on the bigger and smaller tasks that I have to incorporate to ensure that I have compiled

all the necessary data by a given time. With that time reminder, it will be pretty rare that I fall

back behind schedule.


Additionally, I can stay on track by analyzing some of the challenges I might experience

when working through my project. Every task has its negativities and identifying them earlier is

beneficial because I will develop the required solutions. For instance, if the challenge will be

resource related, I must ensure that I have done an extensive research in where to acquire them

before dividing my projects and allocating the time duration. The primary objective is ensuring

that I have started up on my project after I have gathered enough solutions or eradicated the

possible barriers which might affect the outcome.

Moreover, I can stay in track through having an open mind and allowing my colleagues

to go through my project. The primary reason for the strategy is that they will help analyze some

of the weaknesses within my project. I will correct the mistakes before handing it to the

professor for final remarks. I should stay on track through indulging in in-depth research using

references and interviewing people to ensure that I have an expanded scope and facts about the

necessary project details. Therefore, avoiding all the unnecessary factors that may hinder my

progress is another beneficial way of maintaining the selected track.