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Writing Assignment 3.1

o   Topic 4. The Kind of Behavior I Will Promote and the Rules That Support It (200 – 250) words per bullet point) 

· Refer to the MDE document “Access for All” located at 
mdek12.org/OAE/2019-Access-for-All-Guide (Links to an external site.)
. Incorporate the information and interventions from the guide to help you with this assignment.

· What behaviors, generally speaking, will I promote in my classes?

· What specific rules (5 – 10) will I use to guide student behavior?

· What procedures (routines) do I want to use to manage the complexity of the school day? State the situation and then how students will complete this procedure.

· Specific Format for each topic: Write bulleted questions in bold print. Each bullet point indicates a new paragraph. Write the rest of the paragraph in regular print.

· Refer to the rubric for specific elements that are required for a score of 3-Proficient or 4-Advanced.