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Activity #3
Read and respond to the questions under Assignment in Learning Exercise 20.7 How Will You Plan This Busy Morning? (LRMF p.687-690).
· Decide which patients you will assign to the LVN/LPN, NAP and yourself.
· Be sure to include assessments, procedures and basic care needs.
· Determine what you will do if a patient is admitted to your team.
· Explain the rationale for all of your patient assignments.
· Refer to the sample acuity levels provided to assist in determining patient needs and staffing.
Activity #4
Read and respond to the questions under Learning Exercise 23.13 Using Report Cards to Compare Health Care Institutions (LRMF p.809).
· Go to the Healthgrades website ( www.healthgrades.com ).
· Review the star ratings for the three hospitals closest to where you live in terms of cardiac, orthopedic, maternity, pulmonary, and transplant care.
· Review their patient safety ratings compared to other hospitals in the area as well as national averages.
· Write a summary of your thoughts explaining where you would and would not want to be treated for specific healthcare problems.
· Consider whether or not most patients use the information that is available to them through the report card.
· Explain why or why not and what nurses could do to help educate the public about the availability of health care report cards.