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What is the biological basis of consciousness?
The brain is the basic foundation of consciousness.
Without the brain, the body cannot produce consciousness, and the brain cannot produce awareness without the body. Both of them are tightly related. So, when we discuss the biological foundation of consciousness, we’re discussing what happens in the brain.
Any sort of perception relies on the brain, whether it’s sight, smell, sound, or touch. The human brain is capable of perceiving a million things each second, yet we only notice a small part of them. Much of what happens on a biological level is unconscious, such as our breathing. We don’t have to think about it; it just happens! Our bodies perform a great deal of labor that we aren’t even aware of.
But there are some things that require conscious thought—or at least conscious attention—to accomplish: going down a flight of stairs, tying your shoes, driving a car… all of these activities require mental awareness to perform effectively.
So, when you become aware, what happens inside your brain? It turns out that different areas of the brain are responsible for various types of awareness.
The cerebellum is in charge of automatic functions such as breathing and our “fight or flight” response.
What is the biological basis of consciousness?