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For your primary post, provide a link to a current news article or science article that is related to at least one topic from Chapter 24, “The Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climatic Effects” and/or Chapter 25, “Driving Forces of Weather.”

In addition to the link, write a paragraph of at least 125 words describing the article and how it relates to the material from the textbook. Which concepts from the text does it mention, cover or depend on? Is the article more or less detailed on the science than the textbook?


 This week’s topic: Our Solar System and Our Universe

Step 1- Watch and read the following

Step 2- Respond to the following:

  • What does a Light Year measure? Is it a unit of time? Explain.
  • According to your reading, how old is our Universe? 
  • Based on the two points above, what is the greatest distance light could have traveled since the universe formed?
  • Why does the “Known Universe” tour STOP at a certain point? Why is this the farthest we can see?