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Dot Image Week 8 Discussion

The Relationship Between Language and Thinking (20 points)

Consider the following quote by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, who believed that thought without language was impossible.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my life.”

For more information on Wittgenstein and his analysis on the importance of language, watch the video

Watch Video PHILOSOPHY – Ludwig Wittgenstein
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Now, examine whether it is possible to think without using language. If you believe it is possible, describe the primary ways in which a person might enact so-called “languageless” thinking. If you believe it is not possible, describe what you foresee as major problems with the idea we can think without language.This is your discussion prompt for the Discussion Thread.

Next, if you want to try for 5 extra credit points, go to this week's Instructor Insight tab and watch those to videos on problem solving crows and ask yourself if they think when they are doing in solving their problems in getting their lunch? Do they need language to do that? Could they still have some system of communication we might call language whose presence is necessary for problem solving? Get into the specifics of the example in answering these question.