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Dot Image Week 7 Discussion

Problem Solving Interview Question (20 points)

Consider the following:

  • Respond to this typical interview question: Explain a specific example in which you utilized problem solving strategies to resolve a real world problem.
  • Provide your feedback from the perspective of an interview coach to at least three (3) of your classmates.

EXTRA CREDIT FOR WEEK 7 (Up to 5 Extra Points)

Last week you had an extra-credit question for which you can earn at most five points that would be added to your discussion thread total. Not many of you took the opportunity to earn those extra points. You have the same opportunity this week. I will be adding the question today to the Week 7 Discussion Thread and you have until Friday November 24 of next week to respond in the discussion thread. I encourage to respond meaningfully to this extra-credit question not just because you will be earning at least one point, which can always come in handy in getting you over the boundaries of an A grade or a B grade and so on, but also because gives the opportunity to practice the skill of defining a problem in a difficult scenario which is culled from current newscasts it is not something contrived or made up.

Scenario: You are the elected representative of the American people in a legislative body that is soon to take a decisive vote on a very important issue. You can belong to either political party and have any of many occupations, interests, you may have or not have a family. friends and belong or not belong to all sorts of associations. You may belong to any of several ethnic minorities or majorities and your be of either gender. Recently people that seem credible have made serious allegations that you sexually harassed them in the past and there has been an uproar in the press and people are calling for your resignation and others are saying you should not resign. You obviously have a problem. How would you define that problem. You are allowed describe the scenario in more detail specifying gender, party, interests, occupation etc. etc. as long as it helps you define the problem. Remember that in finding a definition of a problem you must 1) Decide you are committed to finding a solution; 2) Explain why such a solution is necessary: 3) state the problem as clearly as possible: 4) rephrase the problem in a new way, 5) detect any subproblems underlying the main problem.