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Individual Project in a Report format  •THE 8 TQM MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES APPLIED TO THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY (LA BADIRA HOTEL) –Students will need to make their own research on LA BADIRA, Leading Hotel of the World at Hammamet, Tunissia •The individual Report need to answer and to apply actions to the 8 TQM Principles, from the perspective of LA BADIRA Hotel General Manager. 1.-)Briefly Introduction ofLA BADIRA HOTEL 2.-)The 8 TQM Principles. You as the GM,how would you applythe TQM Strategy to LA BADIRA Resort Hotel ? _Give your opinion, commentand explain the added value the system brings. It is a totally open and free approach as far as youput in context,define and justify your choices. Formalities: •Wordcount: 3000 •The presentation may be structured according to the above referred structure and should include cover page, table of content, introduction, well explained and commented points using critical thinking approach(why, what & how), bibliography and appendix •Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total wordcount. •Font: Arial 12,5 pts.  •Text alignment: Justified.•The in-text Referencesand the Bibliography havetobe in Harvard’s citation style