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This week you will be working on assessment tools and diagnostic tests as well as health risk concerns. There are 2 assignments listed. You would assign either assignment option 1 or option 2. Some students to one of the diagnostics/tools and the other group of students a child case studies. Students also have their first SH assignment due during week 4. Make sure you all signed up. It is important to know that you will need to complete the concept exercise prior to completing you HH exercise. Please also you need to know that students must pass the assignment in order to pass the course. This is located in the syllabus. We have scheduled Shadow Health sessions this week (announcement time coming soon). Assignment 1 Complete by day 6 SaturdayAssignment (3–4 pages, not including title and reference pages):Assessment Tools or Diagnostic TestsOption 1Colonoscopy: Aderman, Bekele, Brinson, Chaqui, Dodoo & FritzRapid Strep Test in Adults: Gardot, Gonzalez, Hart, Ikwuegbu, Kim & Kouuznetsova 

Option 2: Namatovu, Obua, Ojevwe, Omeludike, Shomuyiwa, Tamou & Whipp2 year/old underweight female with underweight parents who are live with elderly grandparents