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Attached all orientations. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks. Running head: NURSING 1 NURSING 3 SCHOLARLY ARTICLE CRITIQUE PAPER (35% of final grade) GUIDELINES: Each STUDENT will hand in one formal paper. The paper is to be a five (5) pages total (double-spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margins). Follow APA guidelines for a cover sheet, headers, pagination, references, etc. Use APA format and label each section using the evaluation outline below. The criteria guidelines below will be used to evaluate your paper. The criteria guidelines below will be used to evaluate your paper. Components of the Paper and possible points Analysis of basic components/concepts of the selected theory. 1-Discuss in detail the theory’s core concepts and/or components 2- Use a secondary source like your textbook or scholarly article that details the selected nursing theory. Points possible: 15 Application to Research and Practice: 1- Select two peer-reviewed/practice-based articles in which the same theory has been applied to clinical patient care issues (i.e. multiple sclerosis, CHF, etc.). 2-Describe the key details of each article (purpose, sample size, methodology, interventions, results, future implications, strengths & limitations). 3- Critically analyze and summarize how the research results can be applied to primary care and improve care rendered by the family nurse practitioner. Points possible: 15 Format 1- Precise APA style, headers and pagination, references, proper use of grammar/spelling, etc. Points possible: 5 Total 35 Research Paper Rubric (very important) Outstanding (35) Integration of Knowledge 1-The paper demonstrates that the author fully understands and has applied concepts learned in the course. 2-Concepts are integrated into the writer’s own insights. 3-The writer provides concluding remarks that show analysis and synthesis of ideas Topic Focus 1-The topic is focused narrowly enough for the scope of this assignment. 2-A thesis statement provides direction for the paper, either by statement of a position or hypothesis Depth of Discussion 1-In-depth discussion and in all elaboration in all sections of the paper Cohesiveness 1- Ties together information from all sources. 2-Paper flows from one issue to the next without the need for headings. 3-Author’s writing demonstrates an understanding of the relationship among material obtained from all sources Spelling and Grammar 1-Minimal spelling and/or grammar mistakes Sources 1-More than 5 current sources, of which at least 3 are peer review journal articles or scholarly books. 2-Special-interest sources and popular literature and acknowledged as such if they are cited. 3-All web sites utilized are authoritative. Citations 1-Cites all data obtained from other sources. 2-APA citation style is used in both text and bibliography