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The Rock Geocaching SystemDescriptionDwayne Johnson has become an active fan of geocaching and would like to keep track of all of his geocaching activities. Rather than use one of the free or commercial web sites, he would like to have his own geocaching system. The system will need to have to support several different geocaching types of activities, including listing interesting geocaches and trips that Dwayne would like to do, also geocaches that he has found and trips he has taken. In addition, since Dwayne also would like to create his own geocaches, he would like to be able to create and describe his own geocaches and track those that he has posted for public use. This system is essentially an information tracking system. It will need its own database to keep track of all of the information about his activities and his geocaches. For this first version, since he did not know a lot about computers, he decided it would be best leave the details to the developer to find which would be best for him.System CapabilitiesThe new system should do the following: _- Keep track of interesting geocach locations that have not been located yet- Keep track of geocaches that have been located _-Record detailed and ancillary information about located geocaches _-Keep track of new geocaches that are being created by Dwayne _-Keep track of posted geocaches that Dwayne has posted to geocaching sites _-Provide summary information (reports) about Wayne geocache activitiesApplication BenefitsThis system should provide the following benefits to Dwayne: _-Enable Dwayne to easily track all of his geocaching trips and find _-Enable Dwayne to easily create and post new geocaches _-Allow Dwayne to share his geocaching interests with other friends _-Allow Dwayne to update his geocaching information while travelingQuestions1. List the role and responsibility of a software engineering professional for the givenscenario? This should have detailed explanation based on each SDLC phases theprofessional involved with.2. Apply different phases on software development life cycle in the task outlined in thescenario and list down associated activity for each phase. The actual development isnot to be carried out rather detail analysis of each phases such as task associated ineach phase in relation to the scenario.