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The instructions are attached below. Must be creative. This is a written report

Example of a Final Project Submission: Written Report*
I Want to be a Wedding Planner!

GEB 2112

For this project, choose a SERVICE that you would like to promote. (This is for practice only!)

(Some ideas are preparing and delivering food; tutoring; handyman (woman); tech support for

common connectivity challenge in home (game systems, Alexa, Ring doorbells etc); in-home

nail tech; home organization coaches, among others)

1. The business I want to promote is Wedding Planner

2. Find the NAICS code by typing in the service 812990

3. Choose one of the companies listed and provide a short description such as the one that


4. Go to the company website and provide four observations:

a) The site includes planning tools for budgets, venues, and guests.

b) There is a tab for ideas on themes, types of receptions, ceremonies, etc.

c) There are 16,000,000 monthly users and 500,000 vendors.

d) The service is available in 15 countries

5. Initial impression of this company and the career of wedding planner (At least 50 words)

6. Identify three local competitors by searching on Google and show their locations, pricing

model and services.

Filters: 20 or fewer guests; 1-4 months in advance; décor rentals

The corporate name is Weddingwire Inc but it is better known by it tradestyle name “The Knot

Worldwide.” It was founded in 2006 and it has 741 employees in total with 75 on site. It is a publicly

traded company and it has sales of $160,556,000. I then clicked on “Wedding Consultant” which

shows me there are 4,226 businesses in this category.

This is a huge business with all the layers that I had not considered like relationships with

vendors and types of weddings (destination, ceremonies, dresses, florists, catering, etc.) I think

I would rather do small, local weddings with vendors I know personally. I could not compete

with this giant!

Name Location Pricing Services

LaRosa Events
Serves FLL- 6

$250 estimate
Birthdays and other

celebrations too

Bold Impact Events
and Wedding


Local South Florida or
San Antonio


FAQs help guide you;
locally available in

SoFL or San Antonio;
can travel with

expenses added

MJ Events and

FLL; 5 employees $750 Also had FAQs

7. Do a short write-up about what you learned from these companies and if any of them

would be one YOU would interview and possibly hire. (At least 100 words)

8. Go to the website of the company you chose and see what additional information or

insights you can get; write up a 50-100-word summary.

9.Finally, write up what you think you need to really think about before moving forward

with the idea (50-100 words).

Grading rubric for Project 2/2

There was a 200% difference in pricing for the same service so that told me that what you might get

could vary quite a bit. All had the same filters so what I started to look at were the number of

employees, the different types of events and the photos they chose to spotlight on the site. The second

one seemed the most professional but if I were a client, I would be careful of “estimated cost,” in all

cases. This is the type of business that people will want to know EXACTLY how much flowers, rentals,

etc are going to cost. One thing is the planning service, but the items the customer chooses are priced


This was a very professional website with lots of information including the types of weddings they plan

(lots of experience apparently) in all kinds of weddings and ceremonies; they have a brochure you can

request. You can customize your wedding with some help, a team approach, or the whole event and all

the details. There will be lots of ways to spend more money! There is a huge emotional aspect to the

advertising appealing to intangible aspects.

There are so many things you can include that I would prefer a stream-lined approach with upfront

prices and smaller weddings. My dream is to support local small business (florists, caterers, retail

shops) to share in my success. I do not want to compete with the “big guys” but I do need to start to

establish relationships with local vendors to see how to price my services too.

Note: Students can use a Word document, presentation software (like PPT or
Canva) or a video to complete this project.

1. Identify the service.

2. Identify the NAICS code

3. Choose a company from the NAICS list and do a short write-up

4. Go to that company’s website and provide a short description

5. Initial impression of that company and the chosen career

6. Identify three local competitors and compare location,

pricing and services

7. Do a short write up about what you learned about these companies

and who you would consider hiring

8. Go to the website of that company and do a short write up of

what you learned from the way they presented themselves

9. What would you need to think about and learn before moving forward with

this idea?

Total = xxx points