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The General Education Competencies are derived from the GCU Mission, and are designed to be a guide of general education skills students should gain while attending GCU.

Review the General Education Competency list located in Topic 5 Resources. Choose which competencies you think relate best to the GCU Mission. How will these competencies lead to your success as a student and beyond?

Grand Canyon University’s General Education Competencies

As a university student, General Education is a component of your academic journey that helps lay a foundation for your future learning and life pursuits. Certain courses you will take while completing your degree program are designated to satisfy specific General Education requirements, but the General Education experience at GCU extends far beyond simply completing those courses. General Education concepts are also built into your courses, through your senior year, in the form of General Education Competencies. These competencies state specific skills you need to obtain as part of your university experience. They are incorporated into assignments and inform activities you complete. You may notice their alignment to specific rows of some of your assignment rubrics. Review these competencies to familiarize yourself with their content and the types of skills you will develop as part of your General Education.

GED1: University Foundations

Students who complete GCU’s General Education requirements will be able to demonstrate competency in the areas of academic skills and self-leadership; articulate the range of resources available to assist them; explore career options related to their area of study; and have knowledge of Grand Canyon’s community.

GED1C1: Demonstrate foundational academic success skills.

GED1C2: Explore GCU resources (CLA, library, Career center, ADA office, etc.).

GED1C3: Articulate strategies of self-leadership and self-management.

GED1C4: Recognize Opportunities to engage in the GCU community.

GED2: Effective Communication

Students who complete GCU’s General Education requirements will be able to construct rhetorically effective communications appropriate to diverse audiences, purposes, and occasions.

GED2C1: Construct logical, cohesive, and persuasive arguments.

GED2C2: Locate, verify, evaluate, and correctly cite print and electronic resources.

GED2C3: Exhibit proficiency in Standard American English for academic purposes.

GED2C4: Demonstrate knowledge of the power and ethical ramifications of language choice and communication style.

GED3: Critical Thinking

Students who complete GCU’s General Education requirements will be able to use various analytic and problem-solving skills to examine, evaluate, and/or challenge ideas and arguments.

GED3C1: Demonstrate clarity and logic in asking relevant questions and acquiring knowledge.

GED3C2: Apply appropriate critical inquiry strategies (e.g., Inductive and deductive reasoning, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis) to issues and questions.

GED3C3: Make Informed decisions based on historical, current, reliable, and valid information.

GED4: Global Awareness, Perspectives, and Ethics

Students who complete GCU’s General Education requirements will be able to demonstrate awareness and appreciation of and empathy for differences in arts and culture, values, experiences, historical perspectives, and other aspects of life.

GED4C1: Articulate knowledge of individual, group, and societal behavior.

GED4C2: Define personal role in a larger, diverse social context.

GED4C3: Acknowledge Individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and belief systems, and interact appropriately.

GED4C4: Use knowledge of the past to develop understandings concerning the present or future.

GED4C5 Evaluate artistic and literary expression and how they influence and reflect society.

GED5: Christian Worldview

Students who complete GCU’s General Education requirements will be able to express aspects of the Christian worldview which affect human value and dignity, ethical decision making, academic disciplines, and vocation.

GED5C1: Examine the ideological foundation of the Christian worldview.

GED5C2: Analyze the implications of the Christian Worldview as it relates to human value and dignity.

GED5C3: Analyze ethical decisions made from the Christian worldview.

GED5C4: Examine the application of the Christian Worldview within the context of discipline and vocation