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The connection between panic disorder and maladaptive behavior
How is panic disorder connected to maladaptive behavior?
People who have panic disorder often experience a lot of negative feelings, including fear, worry, and anxiety. These feelings can cause people to develop maladaptive behaviors that can lead to more problems.
What are some common maladaptive behaviors that people with panic disorder engage in?
People often engage in maladaptive behaviors as a means of coping with their symptoms. People with panic disorder may try to distract themselves from their panic attacks by overworking or using substances. Some people try to avoid situations they associate with attacks by avoiding driving or being in public places. Some people avoid eating or drinking and restrict their diet because they are worried about what might trigger an attack. Other people engage in risky behaviors like gambling or engaging in sexual promiscuity because these activities distract them.
Some of these actions are helpful for a short time, but over time they tend to become ineffective and can cause additional problems for the person engaging in the behavior.
The connection between panic disorder and maladaptive behavior