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Select a research article relevant to your practice setting, published in a peer-reviewed journal, and that uses one of the designs presented in the live session (however, no use of literature reviews, systematic reviews, or meta-analyses).

*A reminder that some articles will have an “Introduction” section and a “Literature Review” section while others will only have one or the other. If your selected article only has an introduction, the literature review is integrated with the introduction. In that regard, you will critique the introduction as if it were the literature review. If the article has distinct introduction and literature review sections, you will critique the literature review section and not the introduction.  

Using the 
Primer for Critiquing Sections of a Research Article
 document, rate the study’s literature review, purpose statement, research questions, and hypotheses. 

Below is an expansion of Items to consider when reviewing, rating, and critiquing the literature review.

· From reading the literature review, can you determine the prevalence, occurrence, and incidence of the phenomena which is being studied?

· Do the authors present pro and con literature to back up their study? Although there is a natural tendency to include only pro (or supportive) literature in this section, good literature reviews also reflect some balance and con (or non-supportive) studies.

· After reading the literature review, are the reasons for doing this study clear?

· Does the literature presented in the literature review justify the purpose of the study?

· Is the review of the literature adequate? In other words, does it meet the 15-10 rule of thumb (are there at least 15 different references cited in the literature review, and are the majority of these recent–published within ten years of the publication year of the article)? 

· Does the study contain a purpose statement and a well-written purpose statement (that includes the dependent and independent variables and the study population)?

· Does the study provide hypotheses statements and well-written hypotheses statements?

Write your rating, critique, and justification in 2-4 paragraphs.  In writing the critique or justification, feel free to propose how authors should have presented or written elements of the literature review that were not done, written, or presented adequately. Understand that you are not being tasked with only identifying what was done incorrectly. Appraise and acknowledge what was done or presented correctly, related to the items listed above, and any implications of it being done correctly.  


As a reminder, use only the 3rd person in your write-up.