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Film Critique #1




Two-page Minimum (This does not include the FILM STILL SHOT (Image/Photo from film) that you will turn in with your critique) Ten-page maximum



Font-Times New Roman 12 point


The critique will consist of you viewing the film of your choice and then choosing a film still shot (image/photo) from that film to analyze using the Mis-En-Scene 15-point analysis below (Please refer to Chapter 2). The critique should be in paragraph form. The critique should not include the actual questions below. For your convenience, I have provided you with a Mis-En-Scene 15-point analysis cheat sheet below


1. The Dominant-Where is our eye attracted first? Why?

2. Lighting Key-High key? Low key? High contrast? Some combination of these? Why?

3. Shot and Camera Proxemics-What type of shot? How far away is the camera from the action? Why?

4. Camera Angle-Are we (and the camera) looking up or down on the subject? Or is the camera neutral (eye level)? Why?

5. Color Values-What is the dominant color? Are there contrasting foils? Is there color symbolism? Why?

6. Lens/Filter/Stock-How do these distort or comment on the photographed materials?

7. Subsidiary Contrast-After taking in the dominant, where does the eye go next? What are the other main objects in the shot besides the dominant?

8. Density-How much visual information is packed into the image? Is the texture stark, moderate, or highly detailed?

9. Composition-How is the two-dimensional space segmented and organized? What is the underlying design?

10. Form-Is the form open or closed? Does the image suggest a window that arbitrarily isolates a fragment of the scene? Or a proscenium arch, in which the visual elements are carefully arranged and held in balance?

11. Framing-Is the framing tight or loose? What does the framing suggest?

12. Depth of field-On how many planes is the image composed (how many are in focus)?

13. Character Placement-What part of the framed space do the characters occupy? Top? Bottom? Edges? Why?

14. Staging Positions-Which way do the characters’ look vis-à-vis the camera? Why?

15. Character Proxemics-How much space is there between the characters? What does this symbolize?