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Speech 2

Persuasive Speech About Soaring Gas Prices and Solution to it

For your second speech project you will be delivering a persuasive speech to the class. The goal of a persuasive speech is to create a proposition of fact, value or policy, find reasons to support your argument and find adequate evidence to support your reasons. In addition to giving the speech, you will be required to turn in an outline and list of sources used for your speech.

Length: 1000 words

Visual Aids: Must provide on visual aid, but PowerPoint is off limits

Speech Grading Criteria

(20 points) Content

Introduction ( attention getting, establishment of topic and purpose)

Body ( provides 3 main points, provides support, transitions smoothly between points)

Conclusion (summarizes main points and draws speech to a closing with a memorable statement)

Visual Aid ( provides pertinent visual aid and smoothly incorporates it into the speech)

( 20 points) Delivery

Eye contact

Vocal rate, pitch, volume, quality and articulation

Nonverbal, posture and gesture

Pauses, “umm, uh,”


(10 points) Outline and Sources

50 points