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Cultural Assessment Assignment, each student will be assigned a specific culture to research and evaluate. A 3-page paper discussing the culture of Rwanda. Requirements for the assignment 1- Title of Culture 2- Language of the Culture 3- Religion of the Culture – Foods 4- Family Dynamics of the Culture 5- Fruits Consumed 6- Vegetables Consumed 7- Meat and Protein Consumed 8- Grains Consumed 9- Dairy Consumed 10- Holidays and Holliday Foods 11- Custom dishes/ food/ 12- Unique Facts of the Culture

Paper should be double spaced, Times New Roman, standard margins
a. Title page
b. Three complete pages (No less than three, No more than four)
c. Reference page – APA Format
2. Outline of the paper should follow the order of the power point slides
a. Discussing each topic
3. Format should be in Times-New Roman with a standard 12 font and standard margins – No
additional spacing between paragraphs – Double Spaced
4. Paper should be in APA format – APA referencing, and in-text citations