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Review the literature for articles on Recovery Model as an approach in the management of mental illness. Include at least one nursing research article.

After reviewing the literature, formulate a thesis statement regarding how this recovery model can be used in the management of a specific psychiatric population (such as: patients with substance-dependence disorders, patients with depression, and others) belonging to a specific culture (such as: race/ ethnicity/ language, religion and spirituality, gender and sexual orientation, traditions and beliefs)

Describe how the literature supports the thesis statement, or answers the question.

Describe the role of the nurse in the Recovery Model with respect to providing care for the patient population belonging to a specific culture.

Describe how you will use the Recovery Model as a student, or in your practice after you graduate.

The paper should be written using the APA format.

Use at least 5 references which are current ( published within the last 5 years)

The paper should be 5 pages in length including the reference page; title page is not included in page count.