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Research Paper 2 Acceptable Length: 
 350-400 words of content


Biological theory states that criminal behavior seems to be at least in some part genetically predisposed. This theory includes your genes, body type, and traits. Biological theorists believe people who commit crimes are “born criminals”.

The Assignment:

For this research paper, you will write a paper stating your thoughts on “born criminals”. Do you think people who commit crimes do it because of who their parents are or what their genes are? The paper is to be between 350-400 words.  Your paper should identify the premise and supporting arguments for your view of biological theory and crime, a synthesis of the information from the chapter on biological theory, and a critical application of the premise(s) and supporting points from the chapter as it relates to issues concerning capital punishment.  The paper must follow current APA guidelines. The word count does not include the headers, title page, references page, or any extra material. See the grading rubric for additional instructions and guidance. 

Formatting Requirements:

· Header, Assignment title, your name, school name; course name and/or number, and date (all at the center/middle of the document).

· Use one-inch margins.

· Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.

· Use double line spacing in the document.

· Use APA Citation Style (Abstract APA format power point slides is provided in the Optional Resources tab).

A thoughtful Chapter Application Paper includes:

a. Introduction

b. Body

c. Conclusion