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Read the following case study and respond to the question below.26-year-old jet pilot and sometime rodeo performer Donald Cowart was standing in a field with his father when there was a violent explosion caused by leaking gas. The explosion killed his father and sent Donald, whose body was engulfed in flames, running for half a mile. When a farmer found him, Cowart, who was in excruciating pain from burns covering more than 65 percent of his body, asked for a gun so he could kill himself. The farmer refused his request and called an ambulance. Cowart asked the paramedics not to drive him to the hospital but to leave him in the field to die. They instead administered life-saving measures and took him to the hospital.Cowart lost both his eyes and all his fingers and underwent several operations for skin grafts and amputations. After he was released from the hospital, Cowart attempted suicide several times. Eventually, he completed a law degree. Cowart frequently speaks at medical conferences on issues relating to euthanasia. He still insists that the hospital staff who treated him for his burns violated his right to self-determination in keeping him alive.

Question: Should Cowart have been allowed to die when he requested it?


1. Judith Boss. 2020. Analyzing Moral Issues. p. 144. McGraw-Hill Higher Education 7th edition textbook available at https://www.strayerbookstore.com.


Use the Case Study Assignment Template to do the following:

  • Describe the relevant facts of the case. 
  • Clarify concepts relevant to the case.
  • Apply a moral standard to the case.
  • Articulate a conclusion to the stated question.
  • Include at least two references, such as the textbook and other readings, to support your arguments.



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State your relevant facts in bullets below.

Clarify Relevant Concepts

In a short paragraph of five to seven sentences, clarify all relevant concepts.

Choose a Standard

Clearly state the moral standard you are applying to this case.


In a short paragraph of five to seven sentences, state your conclusion. Your conclusion is your response to the question posed at the end of the case.


List any sources that you use in this assignment.

1. Judith Boss. 2019. Ethics for Life (7th ed.). McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

2. Judith Boss. 2020. Analyzing Moral Issues (7th ed.). NY: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.