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A critical, reflective response to the literature in the
field of leadership and management, with a focus on
one topic. (2000 words)
• In this assignment, you will focus on two pieces(below) of academic literature, related to the fields of leadership and/or management in education.
• You will need to reflect on these pieces of literature, and consider some of the following ideas:
• · How do these articles relate to your experience of leadership and/or management? If you have not been in a leadership position, you can still reflect on leadership or management that you have observed in other situations( Malala yousafzai leadership style and how powerful women are in the educational sector)
• · How do they relate to each other? Do they agree or disagree? Does one build on the work of the other?
• · You will also need to reflect on the pieces themselves, as well: if they present empirical research, is this clearly explained? Is the research robust, reliable? Are the findings directly related to the research and do they arise from the research presented? If the piece is another kind of literature, you can still reflect on whether or not it is clear, do the ideas flow logically one from another, do they appear to be soundly based in the rest of the literature in the field?
• Even though this is a reflective piece of work, it is still an academic piece of work – so strive for an academic tone and rely on the literature in the field when needed.
• Your paper should include at least five academic sources – that is, the two pieces you are reflecting on and at least three other academic sources.

Plan/ structure


the topic –explain :what it is, why it is significant and
why you are interested in it. 200 words

Topic: women leadership (focusing in south Africa)

Main body:

Your review of the evidence – how
much is out there, using Google
Scholar- who are the main
writers/advocates for this topic what authors keep appearing they indicates experties 300 words

Choose two pieces- describe them
and highlight connections and
differences-carefully referencing
and using direct quotations. Summarise the areas of overlap and areas of differences in the two main papers .Use
another three articles that have
been referenced or you have found
relating to the topic 1200 words

Conclusion –(300 words) your
reflections on the topic
highlighting pros and cons

Reference list

APA7th style

Paper 1:

Msila, V. (2013). Obstacles and opportunities in women school leadership: A literature study. International Journal of Educational Sciences5(4), 463-470.


Paper 2:

Steyn, G. M. (2015). The challenges facing women aspiring for school leadership positions in South African primary schools. Gender and Behaviour13(1), 6607-6620.