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Question 1

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(TCO 9) Rarely the work of small bands and conspirators alone, _____ are usually the result of system collapse, which permits small but well-organized groups (often military) to take over.

erosions of legitimacy

acts of genocide


coups d’état

Question 2

(TCO 9) What is the relationship between a high sense of government legitimacy among the people and police officers when legitimacy is high?

Spending on policing is low.

There are fewer police interfering in civilian life.

Fewer police are needed.

The police must use a particularly heavy hand.

Question 3

(TCO 9) What is likely to happen if the people are unhappy and there is no organization to focus their discontent?

They will almost assuredly turn to violence.

Not much will happen.

The people will organize themselves regardless.

They will eventually find other means of achieving contentedness.

Question 4

(TCO 9) What about U.S. agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the CIA make them so ill-prepared to fight terrorism?

They have extremely different missions when it comes to terrorism.

They are poorly funded.

They have a great deal of red tape to get through in order to be able to communicate.

They are often unwilling to communicate with each other.

Question 5

(TCO 9) According to Hannah Arendt, the American struggle was indeed a revolution, perhaps history’s only complete revolution, _____.

because it alone ended with a democratic institutions.

because it became an example for other nations.

because it managed to rout what was then the great world power.

because it alone ended with a new foundation of liberty instead of the tyranny that came after other revolutions.

Question 6

(TCO 8) In theory, what is the role of foreign powers in relation to sovereign states?

Foreign nations maintain satellite rule.

Foreign powers “keep their fingers” in the sovereign’s politics.

Foreign states have no business intruding on sovereign affairs.

Foreign powers provide financial aid in times of crisis.

Question 7

(TCO 8) The _____ keeps world trade open by cutting tariffs and other barriers, creating freer trade and settling disputes.

North American Free Trade Agreement

International Monetary Fund

World Trade Organization

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Question 8

(TCO 8) _____ theory argues that leaders often misinterpret another nation’s actions as hostile and threatening, and consider their own actions to be merely defensive.





Question 9

(TCO 8) The United Nations’ predecessor, the _____, tried collective security to ensure peace.

Geneva Convention

Fourteen Points of Peace

Court of International Justice

League of Nations

Question 10

(TCO 8) Evaluate the changing role of sovereignty in today’s international relations.

International relations have reinforced the notion of sovereignty.

Sovereignty is dwindling in the face of international law.

Weaker nations are losing sovereignty to larger, more powerful ones.

United States sovereignty has weakened due to the threat of terrorism.