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In place of this semester’s Environmental Conservation Activity, I would like you to do the following report.

Below are three topics which are currently debated by countries in the negotiations on climate change. Choose one of the following topics, research it, and write a report of 3-5 pages. The report should include both sides of the argument and which position you take on the issue and why. This is to be a complete, fully referenced report. Reports which are copied material or with no references will be given a zero.


Loss and Damage – Developing countries want a mechanism for compensation from future damages from climate change (beyond adaptation). Developed countries do not want to held to be legally liable.

Public Climate Financing – Developed countries pledged to mobilize $100 billion per year in climate finance. However, these countries are far off that figure. Developing countries have criticized not only this but the fact that much of the finance provided has been loans, etc. not real funds.

Participation – At the Conference of Parties (COP) meetings fossil fuel representatives from the fossil fuel industries were present in the countries’ teams. But small developing countries had only small teams and NGO’s were intentionally kept away from the meetings. (Note that all decisions are done by consensus)