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Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 in the course text, Chapter 6 and pages 129 to 142 in Chapter 8 of the Jarman (2013) e-book, the Instructor Guidance for Week 4, and watch the 

ANOVA: Crash Course Statistics #33

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ANOVA Part 2: Dealing with Intersectional Groups: Crash Course Statistics #34

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 videos. You may also wish to review the information about inferential statistics from Week 3. In this discussion, you will evaluate a research question and determine how that question might best be analyzed. To do this, you will need to explain statistical concepts and assess assumptions, limitations, and implications associated with statistical tests.

A researcher wishes to study the effect of cognitive behavior therapy on young people diagnosed with depression. Consider and discuss the following questions as you respond:

· Would you recommend using a z test, a t test, or an ANOVA for the analysis? Explain your answer.

· What would your choice of test depend on? For the test you select, explain your design and your comparison groups.

· Would the hypothesis be directional or nondirectional?

· Would the test be one or two tailed?

· How would the null and alternative hypotheses be worded?