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Please write a paper on the below question:  For details on what needs to be included in the report, please look at the attached scoring file and make sure the report includes the listed check boxes.  Use APA format please.

Students will develop a cost/benefit analysis to minimize or eliminate a major source of pollution that is adversely affecting a specific ecosystem on Earth. This plan will include an analysis of the cause/source of the pollution as well as a detailed action/implementation plan to reduce or eliminate the pollution. See rubric in the resources section for details on how this assignment will be scored. 

Paper Requirement

Total Points Available

A title page with the title article, the student’s name and course title is included


Article is directly related to a topic already covered in the course


Proper grammar is used throughout the paper


Proper spelling and punctuation are used throughout the paper


An effective and comprehensive summary of the article is provided


A reaction/response/opinion about the article is provided


A proper reference/citation is included with the article review/response


The paper is between 1-2 pages in length


Scoring Rubric for all Article Reviews

All article reviews must be submitted by the published due dates in the syllabus. One point will be deducted for each day the assignment is late.