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Office Administration


The Mailroom Homework #2


CLASS: SCORE: /15____________%________

1. You Marv Harper, mail room clerk. Barb Kelly, administration assistant, sent you the following e-mail.

To: < [email protected] x.com>

[email protected]

Subject: Procedures for Incoming Mail

Marv, I am noticing that the company’s Trading Manual does not contain information on the procedure for handling incoming mail. Please provide the necessary details and include information on remittance steps are required.

Draft an email response to Barb Kelly giving the procedures for handling incoming mails (8 marks)

2. In many businesses, electronic mails are now used instead of memos. Discuss two reasons why you think emails are gaining popularity. ( 4 marks)

3. The use of electronic mail has grown with the advancement of technology worldwide. The speed, security, and storage capabilities have prompted many organization now use this medium of communication to correspond on a daily basis. If e-mail is so good, thoroughly explain why conventional post is still successful. Give three reason. (3 marks)