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Comparing Social Media – Subtopic: Racial Bias

In this article, the author discusses Google’s (parent company of YouTube) lack of willingness to engage in an audit for racial bias. The author also draws comparisons to Facebook’s civil rights audit.

· Read Cristiano Lima’s “Democrats Urged Google to Get Itself Vetted for Racial Biases. It Hasn’t Budged.”

· Answer the questions below.

1) According to the article, why did Senator Booker and others state that a racial equity audit was needed by Google (parent company of YouTube)?

2) The author includes a counterargument in the form of Google spokesman Jose Castaneda’s comments. Do you think Castaneda does enough to refute concerns of racial bias within Google websites and platforms? Why or why not?

3) According to the article, why were concerns about racial bias at Facebook raised?

4) According to the article, which social media platform has taken concerns about racial bias most seriously? What steps has this platform taken to address these concerns?

5) Do you personally agree with the author’s judgment (which you discussed above in #4)? Or, if you were writing an essay in which racial bias was one of your subtopics, do you think this more research and information from sources would be needed to draw a conclusion? Explain.