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Please review the APA module under the “Getting Started” area if you need assistance.  As a criminal justice professional, it is imperative that you learn the finer aspects of writing.  Citing and referencing are part of the gradable criteria for your weekly work. All questions are worth 20 points:

  1. Allan Teale set up insurance companies which took advantage of the public in several ways. Identify the types of policies his company issued and why there were no payouts. Discuss the human cost of insurance fraud when someone like Allan Teals sets out to fleece the public.
  2. The CIA has a long history of medical abuse taking the form of using drugs to alter behavior. Discuss some of the ways the CIA abused subjects involving psycho-politics and mind control of human subjects. Provide your thoughts on this type of experimentation. 
  3. Which agency is the most secretive of all U.S. intelligence agencies? What type of illegal acts has this agency been involved in and what amendments have they violated in the past? Do you believe the agency has been held accountable?
  4. The financial and social costs of political corruption can be devastating; provide examples of public corruption in the United States. Have those who have committed such actions been held accountable for their actions? Why or why not?  
  5. Two of the best examples of corruption at the highest level come from the Nixon and Clinton administrations. Select one of these cases and provide your reasoning as to why the case was more damaging to the United States, both internally and externally.