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Please read the instructions crefully that are attached. Use the resources that have been attached ONLY. 


Week 9

What is a religion? What makes it special, and separates it from, say, a political affiliation, or being a fan of a certain sports team?

For this week, do not worry about replies, I am more interested in what you have to say. 

Answer these two questions:

1. What is a religion to you?

2. Often we equate religion with belief in a deity, do you believe this is the case (feel free to state whether or not you believe in a deity, but this is not required.)

250 words minimum.

Week 10

Think about what we have talked about with virtue, and what you have read this week on religion. 

Do religions necessarily entail virtuous behavior? Ought they? If so, why choose one religion over another?

150 words minimum.