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Please read and follow directions carefully. Post questions 1 and 2 separate files. 

Question 1

Discuss in a post of at least 5 sentences how the theme of one of Ovid’s Metamorphoses is still true to or differs greatly from, human experience today. Can you compare it to any contemporary film, TV series, or “real-life” events? OR Discuss in a post of at least 5 sentences how some aspect of the Romans’ view of life, evident in the Aeneid, is still evident in American culture today. Comment on the posts of two of your classmates in at least three sentences each.

Question 2

Choose one situation or event from the Aeneid and compare it to a similar situation or event from one of the other epics we have read. Use specific details and quote words from the Aeneid and the other epic and explain, in your own words, which one uses the elements of the epic more effectively to present the qualities that its culture honored/

Choose one work from Roman literature (EXCEPT THE EPIC–which you discussed in the question above) and compare it to a work of the same genre from one of the other Modules. Which work do you think conveys its theme more effectively and why.