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Pick an historical figure in the Post-Modern & Contemporary Dance Historical Figures group list. 

Read the paragraph about your figure in the “Major Figures in Modern, Post-Modern, and Contemporary Dance” section at the end of Chapter 6 in Learning About Dance (pages 96-102). For this module discussion, we will focus on the figures under the following subheadings: Post-Moderners (continued from the last module), Post-Moderners Second Generation, and Next Wave. Look up your figure in the Oxford International Encyclopedia of Dance, accessed through the MTSU Walker Library online (you may be asked to enter your MTSU Pipeline credentials). Newer artists may not be listed in this resource. Find one additional online source for information about your figure, including an image or video online that features the work of your figure, or if your figure is very old, a reconstruction of a work they were associated with. 

Create an original thread and write a minimum of 100 words describing your figure’s contributions to post-modern & contemporary dance. Make sure to discuss innovations as well as major works and influences. Include a link to a video or image of your figure and list a minimum of three sources for your information. You may include our textbook and the Oxford International Encyclopedia of Dance, if your figure is listed. 

Respond to two classmates’ threads and write a minimum of 50 words in each response.


Meredith Monk was born in New York City in 1942. She is known to be an American composer, performer, director, vocalist, filmmaker, and choreographer. From the 1960s until now, Monk has created multi-disciplinary works which combine music, theater, and dance, recording extensively for ECM Records. In 1991, Monk composed Atlas, an opera, commissioned and produced by the Houston Opera and the America Music Theater Festival. Monk has won numerous awards, including a MacArthur  Fellowship and the Creative Capital Award in the discipline of Performing Arts. She has also been a MacDowell Fellow six times (1987, 1988, 1994, 1996, 2001, Winter 2007). She has been awarded honorary Doctor of Arts degrees from Bard College, the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, the Juilliard School, the San Francisco Art Institution and the Boston Conservatory. 



Our Book: Learning About Dance as an Art Form and Entertainment by Nora Ambrosio


Oxford International Encyclopedia of Dance: https://www-oxfordreference-com.ezproxy.mtsu.edu/search?q=Meredith+Monk&searchBtn=Search&isQuickSearch=true





Jennifer Muller is the director and founder of Jenffifer Muller the Works. Muller has been part of the dance world for more than 45 years. Whether it be incarceration spoken word into performances or her innovations in dance and theater Ms. Muller has redirected the dance world. Her dedication to her profession is extravagant. With over 125 dance pieces created whether it be playwriting or being a choreographer her work has only infused the dance world for the better. Dance to Ms.Muller has been a passion of hers since she was a kid. Becoming a professional dancer at the young age of 15, Ms. Muller was dedicated to her profession from early on.