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Focus: Chapters 4 Carefully look at the print ads posted in this folder. Provide your answers to the following questions in the submission area within this folder. Make sure you integrate information from the ads and from the chapter readings into your answers. Be thorough but concise. 1. Which of the ads was/were designed to induce problem recognition among consumers? Briefly explain why (choose two ads). 2. Look at the Audi Ad, which level of the Maslow hierarchy of needs does the ad represent? Briefly explain why. 3. According to Chapter 4 in the textbook, marketers use a number of attitude change strategies in their advertisements. Which of the ads is/are meant to influence attitude change? Briefly explain the strategy being used (choose two ads). 4. Which of the ads integrates external influences on consumer behavior? Briefly explain which external factor the ad represents (choose one ad). 5. Which of the ads emphasizes Functional Consequences and which one emphasizes Psychological Consequences? Briefly explain why