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open attachment for assignment 

After reading the article(s) and watching the video(s), answer questions bellow

Video – 
8 Common Job Interview Question & Answers (Links to an external site.)

Video –  
8 Smart Questions to Ask Hiring Managers (Links to an external site.)

Video – 
2 Common Interview Mistakes (Links to an external site.)

Video – 
How to Answer Behavioral Based Interview Questions (Links to an external site.)

Directions: After reading the assigned article(s) and watching the assigned
video(s), respond to the following questions.

1. Niharika mentions attrition rate in tip number 4, what is attrition rate?

2. JT discuss the 4 C’s when asking hiring managers questions, what do the 4 C’s stand for?

3. Please list which of the questions to ask hiring managers did you NOT have in your repertoire prior to watching the video (there may be more than one –
that is the intention – to add to your repertoire so you are equipped to
handle different scenarios).

4. What are the 2 common interview mistakes that JT discusses?

5. What is JT’s formula for responding to behavioral based questions?