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1. Estimating techniques. Compare and contrast techniques for estimating project time and cost. Under what circumstances might you use each of these techniques you are describing? Discuss this topic in the context of any personal or professional projects that you were involved with, or could manage in the future. How did you estimate project time and cost? How will use these estimation techniques in your future projects.  How would a project manager use the WBS during the estimating process? 2. Project resources. What type of resources would a PM find in a project? How are these resources determined and when are they determined? How would use the concept of learning curves to estimate your human resource requirements? In your discussion, describe a project or process when you could have applied the concept of learning curves. How could applying the concept of learning curves improve the process or project?  3. More about project management approaches. This is a good time to build upon the Week 2 discussion on project management approaches. Read pages 17-19 in the Agile Practice Guide (link is in Links to PMI Publications in PMI Informationunder Course Resources) and share an example of a project whose life cycle is either incremental, iterative, or agile (explaining clearly the reasons for your life cycle classification).