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Kensington PA Program:

In this section, the student groups will work together to develop a program that is suitable to be carried out
by nurses
to address the problem in the community. Assess to see what programs are in place already for the identified problem. Think UPSTREAM to solve the problem

· Identify a primary, secondary and tertiary level of prevention for the Priority Problem identified.

· Choose one intervention to create a nursing process based strategic plan (demonstrating assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation for one priority problems/issues utilizing Healthy People concepts, a nursing journal article (<5 yrs old and cited/referenced) and statistical data. Include who will provide what interventions over what time frame.

· If education is part of the intervention, give specifics as to the information to be provided, who will provide the education, what methods will be used and how learning will be evaluated.

· If it is an activity or event, please provide specifics (Where will you have it? What equipment will you need? Will you need other healthcare professionals? Who will you seek permission from in order to hold this event?)

The chosen interventions must:

· be specific to the problem;

· be reasonable and appropriate for a nurse to carry out;

· reflect consideration and application of the various nursing roles.

My Proposed Program:

Choose one Intervention (Primary or Secondary or Tertiary) to formulate a plan:

Problem in Kensington: Opioid Crisis

Type of Prevention: Tertiary – Clean needle swap and education, narcan implementation, and physical assessments of the people using 

Proposed Project : Narcan Tabling Event

·  Assessment- asses drug use of the area, assess number of blood borne illness, assess amount of ODs, and physical assessment of those using 

·  Planning:- explain the ultimate goal of the program to the city of philadelphia to gain funding. Ultimate goal is to bring down the rate of addiction and overdose. We will  Set up table sites that will provide clean needles and narcan as well as educating about its use. We will also provide a free physical education.

·  Intervention : performing physical assessment on people suffering from abuse, providing cleaning needles in exchange for dirty needles, and also providing education on the use of dirty needles, how and when to use narcan. Also providing them with blood tests as well. 

·  Evaluation: evaluate number of overdoses after narcan addition, tract blood bloodborne pathogens