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Midterm Exam


The exam is worth 100 points. There are 10 problems. This exam is open book and open notes. This means that you may refer to your textbook, notes, and online classroom materials, but you must work independently and may not consult anyone (and confirm this with your submission).

Show work/explanation where indicated. Answers without any work may earn little, if any, credit.

1. (10pts) Solve:


Express your answers in interval notation!

2. (10pts) Solve:

a) (2x – 1)(3x + 2) = 3


3. (10pts) Use the six-step procedure from chapter 4 to graph .

Do not use a graphing utility!

4. (10pts) Given (on the left) the graph of y = f(x) use transformational methods to graph y = 2 – f(-x).

5. (10pts) Consider the three points: A(-6, -8), B( 3, -2) & C(9, 2). Are the three points collinear? If so, find the equation of the that line.

6. (10pts) Find the equation of the quadratic function with vertex at (2, -3) and

y-intercept of 5.

7. (10pts) Make a rough sketch of the function .Do not use a graphing utility!

8. (10pts) Use the transformational methods to graph . Clearly identify the horizontal asymptote and y-intercept. Do not use a graphing utility!

9. (10pts) Express each in exponential form and solve for the unknown.



10. (10pts) An annuity is opened with APR of 1.25%. How long will it take to triple the initial deposit? Assume continuous compounding.