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Q1. . (a) It is said that online advertising differs from regular offline advertising in three keys ways.  Based on your text, what are these three key differences? List them and explain each clearly in your own words.  (b) It is said that traditional advertising has two main categories. Based on your text, what are they? Explain them in details in your own words. (c) According to your text, there are three main ways to pay a publisher or their agent for carrying online ads for a company.  What are they? Explain them in your own words.  Q2.  Your  company is launching its Fall line of children’s clothing. You are in-charge of the email campaign. (a) You realize that you will have to purchase mailing lists (names & email addresses) from an external vendor. Who will you want the email campaign to reach and why? (b) The CEO of the company wants you to closely track the key performance indicators – KPIs.  Based on information provided in your text, list three of these email key performance indicators and discuss why you think you should track them. Q3.   You work in a small Mom-and-Pop establishment. It is located near the intersection of two streets. The establishment sells different kinds of consumer electronics products. The owners are trying to grow the business. They have asked you to help them determine how they can grow their customer base. (a) You have decided to start with a look at the present client base. The client data base has information such as name, address, product purchased, date of purchase, demographic information, etc.  Keep in mind that many variables make up for demographic information.. (i) Which are the top three variables / data elements about the customers you will want to look at that will give you a good idea of who shops at the store?  In other words, a look at these variables will give you a good idea of the demographics of the typical customers who shop at the store.. (ii) Based on these three variables, what does the typical customer to the store look like? (b) Based on your research in part (a), you now have a general idea of what the typical customer to the store looks like. Your analysis has shown you that people come from as far away as 25 miles from the store.. You want to reach out to similar people within a 30 mile radius of the store. You are thinking of launching an email campaign.   (i) Which additional data source(s) can be of help in this process? Why? (ii) Once you acquire the data from the additional data source(s), what analyses will you do with it?  Discuss.