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Answer the following questions.  Include 1 reference for each question (NO MATTER IF IT’S FROM THE SAME SOURCE).  At least 100-150 words for each answer.. 1. Every company operates in a broad “macro-environment” that comprises six principal components. What are these components, Describe them.  2. Why is it important for company managers to develop a “worry list” of strategic issues and problems that they need to address and resolve? What should they consider to develop this list?  3. What are the distinctive features of a broad differentiation strategy? Under what circumstances is a broad differentiation strategy appealing?  4. What are the merits of strategic alliances and collaborative partnerships for companies racing to seize opportunities in an industry of the future? Under what circumstances do they make sense? How do they contribute to competitive advantage? 5. Discuss why a company desirous of competing in foreign country markets needs to pay close attention to the advantages of the cross-border transfer of competencies and capabilities. Are these transfers often a key to competitive advantage? Why or why not?