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List the first three steps of the scientific method. For each step, write a few sentences or a paragraph: 1) Ask a question about the topic. 2) Do some research and write down the titles of some articles or books you’d want to read about the topic. 3) Formulate a hypothesis.Create a brief research design about this topic in the form of a letter to a philanthropic or grant organization requesting funding for your study. How can you describe the project in a convincing yet realistic and objective way? Explain how the results of your study will be a relevant contribution to the body of sociological work already in existence.Submit a paper that is well constructed using APA format. The paper should be a minimum of one typewritten page (approximately 300 to 400 words) with an introduction and conclusion. This paper shall demonstrate use of standard written English with respect to: organization, grammar, spelling, composition, sentence structure, punctuation, and construction.Briefly acquaint yourself with the Stanford Encyclopedia pf Philosophy entry about Max Weber: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/weber/Afterwards read a couple of pages from these excerpts from the following work by this author: http://www.panarchy.org/weber/politics.html.Please discuss this reading material in light of the reading materials for this unit.Reference:Weber, M. (1965). Politics as a vocation. Philadelphia: Fortress Press.