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Learning activity: Do you have, are you, do you know a helicopter parent?


Two tasks:

1: Read about Tiger Moms: Chua, Amy. 8 Jan. 2011. Why Chinese Mothers are Superior

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The Wall Street Journal. https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748704111504576059713528698754 Retrieved from UW libraries https://search-proquest-com.offcampus.lib.washington.edu/docview/822779513/893278E41F564CE6PQ/1?accountid=14784

2: Verify if you have, are, or know Helicopter parents: Schulten, Katherine. (2013 May 14). Do you have helicopter parents?

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New York Times. [Blog]. Retrieved from

In 50+ words,

· State what you understand to be a helicopter parent

· Reflect on whether you had one, are one, or know one.

· Reflect on what social factors might have influenced the helicopter parenting you are reflecting on, e.g. social class? gender? ethnic or racial status? immigrant status? educational level?)