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RESPONDS TO ASSIGNMENT: The assignment is written in the first person as an individual going through the juvenile justice system. Emotions and experiences are addressed in the paper. There is a cover page (w/ name, date and course), correct number of pages, appropriate font and margins, and it is double spaced. (10 pts)

CONTENT / ORGANIZATION: An excellent paper is clear and well organized. It demonstrates knowledge of the subject, using the correct terminology for the juvenile justice system. Knowledge of the system and how it works is also clearly demonstrated. The punishments and justice system responses are appropriate and realistic. (10 pts)

STYLE/CORRECT GRAMMAR: word choice is varied and appropriate with a variety of sentence structures. Sentences are complete with no run-on sentences or fragments in the excellent paper. Subjects and verbs agree. There are no spelling or typing errors in the excellent paper. (10 pts)

Criminal Justice 138
Juvenile Justice


You are required to write a short paper on a juvenile and his/her progression through the juvenile justice system. This paper is worth 30 points. This will be an opportunity to be as creative as you like. You will “invent” a juvenile offender and chronicle their progression through the justice system. This will be a fun assignment in that you make up the circumstances, their history, their offense, their guilt, and what happens in the “system.” It will require an understanding of the juvenile justice system and how it works. Correct terminology will be expected as well as “believable” outcomes. For those of you who have always wanted to try your hand at “fiction writing” this is your opportunity. This paper will be written in the FIRST PERSON so you can not only explain what is occurring but what you are thinking and feeling as these things occur.

The paper will not require any references though you may use them if desired. The length will be 3-4 pages and I will stop reading at the bottom of page 4. This will be written in compliance with the provided rubric and turned in as a doc attached to an email.