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INTL725 Instructions for Assignment #4 Due Week 10

This assignment can be reused for your Presentation due Week 12. Please refer to Instructions for Individual Project for additional information.

Please upload
one Word document
(approx. two pages + References) to eCentennial dropbox by the due date.

1. Title and link of TCS case study – Duha Group helps the world find its colours


2. Company name and product – Duha Group, colour marketing tools and colour systems.

3. Current export market(s). – Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam


· Title

· Research Objectives

· Methodology

· Sampling

· Data Analysis (with approx. 3 graphs)

· Business Recommendation

· References

Please see pages 5 – 10 of the sample provided.


1. Content: Research objectives and methodology need to be as specific as possible. Reminder: Research objectives should have two parts. Each research objective needs to include:

1) the specific data to be collected by the researcher: “to determine average consumer spending per year on fruits” rather than “to determine demand for fruits” (“demand” is not specific; how do you measure “demand”?)

2) the purpose of / reason for collecting such data: “in order to develop a pricing strategy for fruit products in the ___ market”

You need to write your own research objectives based on the case study and the market. Your research objectives need to be specific, not general like “reduce risks”, “identify trends”, “increase sales”. Do not copy the sample, as it does not make sense.

2. APA: In-text citations are required (at least once for each source).

Writing: It is beneficial to pay attention to grammatical, spelling and typo errors; and avoid copying the original source then change a few words.

3. References: each entry must start with the name of the author / organization.

Most common mistake: Canada, G. O. is incorrect. It must be Government of Canada. At least 6 sources, including the company’s website:

· At least 4 reputable Internet sources from at least 3 different Canadian organizations (Government of Canada, Trade Commissioner Service, EDC, FITT, etc.)

· Maximum 2 business journal articles

4. Document formatting: After completing your assignment, in Word, hold Ctrl+A, choose Times New Roman, 12 point; go to Paragraph, choose 0 for before and after and single for line spacing.

Please refer to eCentennial News page for the marking rubric. Late penalty is 20% deduction per day.