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I need two initial post of the Discussion of 200 words each and then 4 replies on other students.

and I need one assignment help which is 350 words.

Due in 24 hours

Capital Structure and Dividend Policy Comparison

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In this discussion, you will make a total of three posts, including one initial post (8 points), one reply to another’s post (2 points), and one reply to the reply to your initial post (courtesy, no point). You have to meet the deadlines for credit in each post.

Please review the information below that details the requirements for this discussion assignment.

Initial Post:
Be sure to 
number your response

 to each question so that your answer corresponds appropriately with the question being asked.

1. Find a company (A) and a company (B) that have different capital structures, for example, more debt (equity) vs less debt (equity), higher debt ratio vs low debt ratio. For example GM vs Tesla, IBM vs Microsoft, Home Depot vs Lowe’s, etc. Explain why there is a difference between their capital structures. (2 points)

2. For firms A & B, explain whose capital structure is better and why? (2 points)

  3. Find two companies (C & D) that pay dividends but with a different pattern. Explain why their dividend policy is different. (2 points)

  4. For firm C & D, predict the dividend policy next year and provide your reasoning. (2 points)

· The reasons for the posts need to be specific to your chosen companies, not just the economy.

· It needs the facts to support your reasoning at each post. It could be obtained from a webpage, a publication, a recent 10-Q or news by the firms in the industries, stock performance of the firms, net income, ownership, dividend policy of similar firms, etc.

Reply to other initial posts: Choose one initial post by your classmates which has NOT to reply yet and reply to it. Your reply could agree or disagree with the initial post. Your reply has to provide the fact or data to support your argument in order to get the score. (2 points)

Reply to the reply to your initial post: Comment on the reply to your initial post. Your reply could agree or disagree with the reply by others. You must explain why you agree or disagree with the reply. (0 point, courtesy)

Tips for a successful post:
• Use full sentences.
• Be specific and draw from the information.
• Always use a respectful tone.
• You must make an initial post before you can see what others have posted. 

Answer the following question submit to Turnitin (at least 350 words total) using the information below about Fresno. USE APA format with 2 references

1. What are the main determinants in health disparities in Fresno and how can these be modified to improve health status in society?