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HSC 4139: Weight Management

Behavior Modification Assignment


For this assignment, you are to modify a current behavior based on your study of weight

management over 30 days. As the term applies, this does not have to be about weight loss. While

you can use this assignment to lose weight, you can also use it to gain weight, find a healthier

diet like the DASH or Mediterranean Diet, or try a new dietary strategy such as intermittent

fasting. You could also do something as simple as giving up fast food or red meat for the 30


To obtain credit for this assignment you must submit a two page, single spaced report, that

includes your behavior change, rationale for the change (supported by three scientific, peer-

reviewed references), a written plan on how you are going to execute the change, journal entries,

and a conclusion (did it work, how do you feel, etc…). For the journal entries, you should type up

notes that document your change. One entry per week for a total of four will suffice. In addition

to your two written pages, you are to include a cover page and a reference page in APA format.

Your sources need to be cited in text. If you are unfamiliar with APA, please use the OWL as a

reference: (click here to access the OWL)

Finally, do not do anything to compromise your own health or well-being. Only attempt

something that is rooted in hard science, something that the medical community would

recommend, no cleanses, long-term fasts, weight loss supplements, or anything else that is not

proven. If you have any questions about the assignment or your plan, feel free to email me.

All of your work is due via Canvas on the specified due date. Please note that the assignment is

due towards the end of the semester and I cannot extend this deadline due to the term ending.

Therefore, you need to start now.