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Human Resources Management 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins on all sides, double-spacing.  Use at least two (2) quality academic resources in this assignment. You may reference any information from the class textbook, chapters 1-8 in your answers and discussions. Format: APA version 7. Class textbook: Human Resources Management. Author: Valentine; Meglich; Mathis; Jackson. Publisher: Pearson. Edition: 16th. ISBN: 978-0357033852 Write a 2-page paper to discuss the following:  3. Your company (IT, Healthcare, Education, etc.) of 50-100 employees using the internet and websites to recruit are still finding it difficult to find good recruits. As the HR manager, prepare an overview of how to improve upon the use of Internet advertising for employees. Remember that recruiting must be viewed strategically and tied to HR planning. What will your company need to do differently to actively use educational/academic and Internet recruiting as you compete with other employers for qualified applicants? (Chapter 6)