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Week 3 Case Study Template

Pathophysiology & Clinical Findings of the Disease

1. Are the spirometry results consistent with obstructive or restrictive pulmonary disease? What is the most likely pulmonary diagnosis for this patient?

2. Explain the pathophysiology associated with the chosen pulmonary disease.

3. Identify at least three subjective findings from the case which support the chosen diagnosis.

4. Identify at least three objective findings from the case which support the chosen diagnosis

Management of the Disease

*Utilize the required Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) to support your treatment recommendations.

1. Classify the patient’s disease severity. Is this considered stable or unstable?

2. Identify two (2) “Evidence A” recommended medication classes for the treatment of this condition and provide an example (drug name) for each.

3. Describe the mechanism of action for each of the medication classes identified above.

4. Identify two (2) “Evidence A” recommended non-pharmacological treatment options for this patient.


[Must be on a separate page and in APA format]