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Week 7 Case Study Generation Kill A Conversation With Stanley McChrystal


According to Biography.com, "Stanley A. McChrystal led the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq during the Persian Gulf Wars and was top Commander of American forces in Afghanistan" ("Stanley McChrystal Biography," n.d.). In the following interview, he describes the challenges of fighting terrorist/insurgent forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Link (library article): Generation Kill A Conversation With Stanley McChrystal (Links to an external site.)


Address the following in a case study analysis:

According to McChrystal, how did the battle against terrorist organizations/insurgencies change after 9/11 and from what factors do they draw their strength?

What technological methods are used in Afghanistan and Iraq and how have they been used tactically (i.e., what goals are they used to achieve)?

Have they been successful?

What is the risk of using technological capabilities against terrorists?