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Week 3 Case Study Mobilizing the Masses


Adolph Hitler was a charismatic figure with remarkable oratory skills that he was able to use to unify the German people under his leadership by appealing to their sense of grievance over the outcome of WWI and the resulting conditions in Germany in the intervening period as well as to their pride in their nation and its history.


Read Hitler’s speech at the following link:

Link (website): Berlin: Proclamation to the German Nation (Links to an external site.)

Address the following in a case study analysis:

What factors, both internal and external, does Hitler blame Germany's problems on?

In what ways does he appeal to the nationalism of the German people?

What actions does he suggest that portend the measures that Germany will take in the coming decade, resulting in WWII and the Holocaust?

As a German, not knowing the measures that Germany will take and suffering from the conditions Hitler describes, how would you respond to this speech?